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My self introduction

Hi! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my blog. It is wonderful to be with you to know more about me. I’ just a typical girl that many personality have such as I will not make you feel out of place and making you alone. A girl with many plans for my future. A girl with big heart for everyone. A girl thinks when if she’s turn into 18 she can die. A girl with many drama in life and many secret.

      I, Rose Merrylle N. Martinez, I’m 17 years old, I will be turning 18 this coming November 30. My zodiac sign is Sagittarius and I was born on the year of goat (2003). I’m living in a simple and loving Town, Vintar. A girl with a chubby cheeks and short hair. I’m born seventh day Adventist, so I i don’t eat pork, shell fish and exotic foods. I’m going to church every Saturday, yes it’s Saturday because it’s our holy day. I believe in holy Trinity as well. I don’t have any accessories suc as earings (because i don’t have a hole on my earlobe), necklace, rings and etc. It’s right I don’t have anything of that kind of thing because our body is temple of god so we must need to take care of our health and body. This is our way to give god respect and way to thank him.

I am just a regular girl with big dreams and ambitions. I want to be nurse but I also want to be math teacher; it is difficult to choose but there is a time when I need to choose.  I eating food (except for shell fish and pork) and I love also to cook and bake, usually if I feel stress I open my cooking book to find new recipe. I believe that if you love to eat, you should also be capable of cooking.

I’m the type of girl not into fashion like the other girls. I prefer to wear tshirts and half pants. As i know my personality is being jolly and talkative to everyone even to the stranger. I’ve always been an energetic and out going person. While many people feel awkward to become My friend. I have no problems to making new friends, I like making advice to my Friend because I don’t like to experience them to be alone like what I’d experience. I have no dislikes for anything or anyone.

I am obsessed with learning new things and I will not stop until I have mastered them. I am an enjoyable, supportive person. I am one of those persons who is a great listener. Even thou I have many insecurities in my body but I prefer to be more confident. I have lot of weaknesses such as darknes and being alone. I’m a very sensitive person and I get really emotional, sometimes I’ll go from being happy to being sad within seconds. I don’t like getting yelled especially in the public. I’m soft hearted specially about my family, I really into fierce when somebody to insult my family. Yes, I’m family oriented because I’m the oldest sister so I must need to be more protective to my family. This is your girl merrylle, with a strong heart to embrace all the insecurities and weaknesses.

My motto in life is “focus on your goal. Don’t look in any direction but ahead.” Means you need concentrate to your goal. Don’t let people to distract your way to your goal.

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