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Ten Places I want to Visit After the COVID-19 Pandemic.

1. I want to visit puerto de san juan beach resort hotel. This resort is beautiful and peaceful. You can enjoy your vacation here, and you feel the freedom. This is perfect for surfing and those people need to chill.

2. I want to visit baguio, to meet again my co-rp’er. Our meet up is postponed because of this Covid-19. And i want to feel the cool temperature of Baguio.

3. I wan to visit our beautiful falls in pallas, vintar lot of people in this town they called the fall bird sanctuary falls, coz they can see different spices of birds.

4. I want to visit north Beach camp in pagudpud, this is so perfect for barkada and to those. This is good to your mental health.

5. I want to visit Adams fall, i heared a lot about it so I want to go there, they said this is beautiful. So I decided to go here after this pandemic.

6. I want to visit my lolo, and take care of him because he was sick, and everyday he was going to hospital to dialysis.

7. I want to visit my friends in laoag.

8. I want to visit kaparkan falls in abra, this is beautiful as ever. This is perfect to those people need relax. Amazing water terraces.

9. I want to visit pekkan falls in dingras. We have plans that we go here but it was postponed because of this lockdown and lacks of transportation. This is beautiful perfect for photoshoot, and it looks like swimming pool.

10. Last and not but the least the “puntod” of my grandma, i didn’t visit her in November 2 because i was in batac.


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