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Sleep is very important, it restores a human’s energy so that a human can work something on they want to work on, but sleeping does not equally give them energy if they have an unhealthy sleeping pattern. Sleep matters have good and bad impact on health and well-being that when one’s sleep is compromised, it affects their mood, performance, and interpersonal relationships. Over sleep and good time sleep-awake aslo have impact to our healh. Sleep has also been shown to help people’s immune systems. Sleep can also affect a person’s ability to use language or communicate effectively, as well as their ability to sustain attention, understand what they read, and remember what they see through time.

A sleep have pattern that we must do allways in our life. The pattern also known as a sleep-wake pattern, it is a rhythm that tells a person’s body when to sleep and when to wake up from a 24-hour sleep cycle. It is a cycle that repeats due to a person’s sleeping habits. In terms of general health and wellness, a person’s sleep pattern is critical. This is because a person’s sleep pattern can be influenced by a variety of other things. A person’s sleep is like controlled by the circadian body clock located in the depths of a person’s brain. A person’s body will decide when it is time to rest, this helps a person to prepare the night before going to rest and sleep, what this does also stops various bodily functions that are associated of working with person’s body when you are awake. A person’s sleep pattern can be influenced by the temperature of their environment, which can either lengthen or shorten their sleep. It is a very simple word but it can be complicated to people who are struggling. An unhealthy sleeping pattern can drain them throughout the day because of insufficient energy that a human can get from that unhealthy sleeping schedule. Sleep is also important because it enables the body to repair and be fit and ready for another day. Sleep can help the brain and overall motor-skills to function. Not having enough sleep can make our minds feel tired, forgetful irritable and cannot function properly to different kinds of situations. People can see how you react to certain types of things, they can see how you perform on your job or task, they can see that you will have different mood swings, and can change you to something that you dislike. When you do not get enough sleep, you are not the person that you are. That is when your mentality can take a toll on you because of lack of sleep.

As a person continues to receive a less-than-adequate amounts of sleep, their neurons will become even more exhausted. Sleep Deprivation is considered as a “kind of psychological torture performed on a victim by depriving them of sleep.” The cumulative effects of sleep deprivation over time might lead to brain degeneration. This study also indicates that a lack of sleep for an extended period of time can lead to death. To begin with, sleeping is the most basic thing humans can do, yet many individuals struggle to do so because of the things they must accomplish in their daily lives that interfere with their sleep time. It’s crucial to understand how sleep deprivation affects a person’s health. A person’s health can be affected if they don’t get enough sleep; a terrible sleeping habit can have a detrimental impact on their physical wellbeing; even if they eat well, improper sleeping habits can have a negative impact on their body.


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